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Beyond the Boundary

Articles that look at people who have made important contributions to Irish Cricket off the field.

Clarissa Crawford Pilkington
Siobhan McBennett's funeral eulogy to the woman who, as player and administrator, led the development of Irish women's cricket for 60 years.
Ireland's Lady President
In 2018 Aideen Rice became not just the first female president of Ireland's governing body, but only the second to hold such a post in any of the major cricket nations.
Joe Doherty
Joe Doherty fulfilled a variety of roles at club, regional and national level.
Ian Callender
Ian Callender has chronicled countless Irish cricket records from one of the more comfortable vantage points beyond the boundary: the Press Box.
Robin Walsh
Robin Walsh was always my go-to man in a crisis, and even today I still seek his wise counsel in troubled times.
Alfie Linehan
The great paradox of Alfie Linehan was to be found in his disposition on the cricket field and off it.
Derek Scott
When Derek Scott died in 2015 it was as if a giant oaktree which embraced the cricket world of Railway Union, Leinster, Ireland and abroad had been felled.
Roy Torrens
The problem with writing about Roy Torrens' contribution to cricket in Ireland is where to begin.
Richard Johnson
The remarkable thing about Richard Johnson's life beyond the boundary is not simply to be found in the number of vital roles he has played.
Bob Kerr
A former President and Chairman of the Irish Cricket Union, Bob Kerr died suddenly while supporting Ireland at the World Cup in 2007.
John Wright
John Wright may have been diminutive in stature, but there is no doubt of the giant contribution he made to Irish cricket.
John Caldwell
John Caldwell knew that his one of first meetings as chairman of the Irish Cricket Union was going to be hugely difficult.
Cecil Walker
In a team of those who've made the greatest contribution to cricket in Ireland, Cecil Walker's name would be written in capital letters.
Evans Dexter
A former ICU President, Evans Dexter is the man who built the modern day Clontarf Cricket Club.
Br'an O'Rourke
Br'an O'Rourke has done remarkable work developing youth cricketers at international, provincial, club and schools levels.