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History of Phoenix CC 1830-1990
Phoenix CC: The Early Years
Phoenix, the first cricket club in Ireland, was founded in 1830.
Phoenix CC: Charles Lawrence 1828-1916
Known as the 'Father of Australian Cricket', Charles Lawrence can also lay claim to the title 'Father of Irish Cricket'.
Phoenix CC: The 'Golden Age' of Cricket
Arthur Samuels, Franking Browning, Thomas Ross, 'Bud' Blayney, Lucius Gwynn and Robert Gregory were five famous cricketers who played for Phoenix in the latter half of the 19th century.
Phoenix CC: Into the 20th Century
A look at the club's finest players in the first quarter of the 20th Century.
Phoenix CC: between the Wars
Tom Dixon, TG McVeagh, Jim Ganly and JC Boucher were the stars of the period.
Phoenix CC 1st XI 1930s-1960s
The Pigots, multiple cup victories and Donald Pratt captains Ireland.
Phoenix CC in the 1970s
With ten Leinster senior trophies won, this was the most successful decade in the club's history.
Phoenix CC in the 1980s
The trophy winning of the 1970s continued with an Irish Cup triumph and multiple Leinster league and cup titles.