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Billy Platt's North West Cricket Histories
The Author: Billy Platt
This series of articles was drawn from Billy's books and is a tribute to the progress of the game in the North West of Ireland over a long number of years.
A Profile of Scott Huey
No one can study Irish cricket in any depth without coming across the name of Scott Huey, the Eg1inton and Ireland left-arm slow bowler.
The Fastest Century in North West Cricket
In 1930 JL Rankin of Strabane scored his maiden century in just 29 minutes against Sion Mills.
South of the Border - St Johnston CC
It took St Johnston almost a century of trying before they finally won the North West Senior League title.
Limavady's first league championship
A hurricane hit the North West on 9 September 1961 to seal a first North West League title for the Roesiders.
City of Derry Cricket Club
Formed after the Boer War, the club finally folded in 1978 after suffering the effects of sectarianism at its Duncreggan Road home.
Batting stars of the 30s and 40s
P McLaughlin and RW Taylor were two great North West batsmen of the 1930s and 1940s.
Ossie Colhoun - the complete wicketkeeper
Ossie Colhoun crouched behind the stumps was a common and feared sight in North West and Irish cricket for many years.
Three Greats: Flood, Donaghey and Cochrane
The careers of leg break bowler John Flood, gifted batsman Brendan Donaghey and star allrounder John Cochrane.
The era when Shearer hit them for six
Many cricket enthusiasts in the North West of Ireland say that EDR Shearer was the greatest batsman to grace the local cricket scene.
The Year the Senior Cup went South
Perhaps the most memorable North West Senior Cup final of the post war period was the 1959 Donemana - St Johnston final.
The NWCU Senior League 1894-2000
The North West of Ireland Senior League, formerly known as the County Derry Cricket League, was competed for 97 times during the period 1894-2000.
When Andy McFarlane put Sion Mills on top
Andy McFarlane of Sion Mills thrilled the crowds with his tremendous batting power over a long number of years.
Prominent City of Derry cricketer Angus Platt
Angus Platt was an outstanding spin bowler and a member of a well known family, whose name is synonymous with the famous City of Derry club.
Bowling Stars of the past - Baird and McGarvey
Two of the outstanding North West bowlers in the first part of the 20th century.
William Jeffrey - the big-hitting batsman
Willie Jeffrey, who entered North West senior cricket in 1920, was a batsman with great hitting power and a fearless, aggressive manner.
Waterside Cricket Club
Waterside CC, which sadly no longer exists, was one of the earliest clubs (1863) to be formed in the North West area.
The NWCU Senior Cup 1888-2000
The North West of Ireland Cricket Senior Cup was competed for 130 times during the period 1888-2017.
Aubrey Finlay of Ireland, Sion Mills and Strabane
Finlay and another teenager, Brendan Donaghey, formed the youngest ever opening senior partnership in North West cricket.
The North West and World War I
When war against Germany broke out in early August 1914, the North West of Ireland cricket programme for the season was virtually completed.