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The cricketer who broke the mould
Paul McCrum is remembered as the first NCU player to switch clubs for money.
Simon Corlett 1974-1987
Anyone who came into contact with Simon Corlett had nothing but respect and admiration for his dedication and professionalism.
Jack Short 1974-1984
In 1985 Sean Pender bemoaned the probable end of the illustrious international career of Corkman Jack Short - "flamboyant, brave and determined".
Dermott Monteith 1965-1984
The greatest Irish cricketer of his time had his career ended by a hit and run accident in 1985. Sean Pender looked back at the career of Ireland's most prolific wicket taker.
Alfie Linehan 1971-1975
The late Sean Pender's 1992 tribute to the then incoming ICU President and former Irish captain Alfie Linehan.
The Harrisons of The Lawn
In an article written in 1991, Sean Pender took a fond look at the most famous of all Irish cricket families.
Elder's feats recalled
In 1990 Sean Pender looked back on the career of the Ireland opening bowler of the '70s and '80s.
Gerry Duffy 1953-1974
It was one of those coincidences which happen often in cricket that Richie Benaud and Gerry Duffy should make their final bows to the pavilion in 2015.
Ian Johnston 1979-1983
Ian Johnston played 15 times for Ireland between 1979 and 1983 and later became a national coach and selector. He talked to Alistair Bushe in 2012.
Desmond Curry 1992-2001
Just one century in 50 games for Ireland but an all time colossus of North West domestic cricket.
Trent Johnston 2004-2013
Few would deny Trent Johnston a place in any all time Ireland XI for his highly effective fast medium bowling and his hard hitting batting in the lower middle order.
Lucius Henry Gwynn 1892-1902
Put yourself back 100 years, and there was only one man who could have filled the title of the greatest Irish cricketer- and he probably should be called Irish cricketer of the millennium too. His name was Lucius Henry Gwynn.
Kenny Carroll - cricket and hockey international
His Irish cricket debut came in the 2006 European Championship match against Denmark in Glasgow. On 17 April 2011 he made his international hockey debut in a friendly against Canada at UCD.
Jimmy Boucher 1929-1954
Just a handful of cricketers produced in this country could have played the game at Test level; Jimmy Boucher, who died aged 85 on Christmas Day 1995, was one of them.
EDR Shearer - a sporting legend
It was said that he was the superstar of his era. His deeds of sporting prowess were such that although his heyday began over 80 years ago stories of his genius continue to defy the march of time.
Raman Lamba remembered
In February 1998, the tragic news filtered through that Raman Lamba had been killed after being struck on the head while fielding in a league game in Bangladesh.
Ireland's Greatest Cricketer?
GL Kidd, arguably the greatest cricketer ever to play for Ireland (as distinct from the greatest Irish cricketer), was interviewed by Conor O'Brien in 1978.
Colhoun's 50th international cap
In September 1971 the Strabane Chronicle celebrated the 50th international cap of Sion Mills' legendary wicketkeeper Ossie Colhoun.
Alec O'Riordan 1958-1977
Only a handful of 20th century Irishmen could with certainty be said to have had the credentials for the top flight of cricket. Alex O'Riordan was such a one.