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The Great War
Irish Cricket and the Great War: Biographies of the Fallen
Pat Bracken's exhaustive research has produced the biographies of 289 men connected with cricket in Ireland who died during or shortly after the war or as a result of injuries received.
Trinity and The Great War
It is nearly 100 years ago since the cricketers of Trinity College Dublin set off on a train journey to play the last game of their season.
Tipperary and The Great War
Pat Bracken examines the stories of some of the men with cricket connections to Tipperary who died in the First World War.
Irish Cricketers and the First World War
A record of the military careers of players capped for Ireland.
GF Macnamara - one of 290 first class cricketers to die in WW1
Most cricket archives record 289 first class cricketers who were killed in World War 1. However research over the last year has confirmed the identity of GF Macnamara who is, of course, the 290th.