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In this series we look back at various prominent umpires through the years.

John Boomer
He umpired Irish international matches against MCC, Australia A, Scotland, Zimbabwe and West Indies.
Joe Connolly
No one (including Joe) is absolutely sure how long Joe has been umpiring, but 40 years is an informed guess.
Peter Lunney
An old school character who believed cricket was a gentleman's game played by gentlemen, Peter was a very civil servant.
George Archer
An international umpire, George served as NIACUS Honorary Secretary for 21 years.
Ian Houston
As NIACUS agonised over who could replace the 'irreplacable' Peter Lunney, up stepped Ian Houston.
Graham McCrea
Graham started umpiring in 2011 and is now on the ICC Match Referee Panel.
Peter White
Peter was a large man and a real larger than life character.
Bob Kane
An excellent and popular senior league umpire, Bob Kane never made the final step up to International standard.
Joe Vaughan
'Gentleman Joe' was the founder of formal training within the NIACUS.
Alan Tuffery
For nearly 40 years Alan has made a great impression both on and off the field in a variety of roles.
Trevor Henry
Trevor came to the fore in the 1990s and proved to be possibly the best umpire NIACUS and Ireland ever produced.
Kenny Magee
One of the most unassuming and likeable people on the circuit, Kenny has been around the umpiring ranks for more than 15 years now.
Paul Reynolds
The best umpire in Leinster - and to many the best in Ireland - was previously a wicketkeeper-batsman with Leinster CC.
Davy Caldwell
It would be impossible to write anything about North West umpiring without including the Admiral of the Fleet, DW Caldwell Esquire.
Alan Neill
The other current NIACUS umpire on the ICC International panel is Alan Neill - a very contrasting personality to his colleague Mark Hawthorne.
Stu Daultrey
Stu started umpiring in 1990 following a serious road accident which left permanent damage to his left arm.
Connie McAllister
Instantly recognisable wherever he goes, anyone who has not yet spent an evening in Connie's company really needs to make an appointment.
Mark Hawthorne
Mark is an outstanding example of what can be achieved in the craft of umpiring if one puts one's mind to it.
Liam Keegan
Liam Keegan was an institution - from the late 1970s to the early 2000s, he was Mr Umpiring in Leinster.