The North West of Ireland Cricket Senior League, formerly known as the County Derry Cricket League, was competed for 97 times during the period 1894-2000. In 1894 the final league placings were:

              P    W   L   D   Pts
Sion Mills   10   10   0   0   20
Dunboe       10    7   3   0   14
Dungiven     10    5   5   0   10
Limavady     10    3   6   1    7
Moyola Park  10    3   7   0    6
Donemana     10    1   8   1    3
Since then Sion Mills have won the Championship 29 times, winning it with a 100 per cent record on two further occasions in 1953 and 1962. Other clubs to capture the trophy are as follows:
  • Donemana (26)
  • Strabane (12)
  • Limavady (9)
  • Brigade (9)
  • City of Derry (4)
  • Eglinton (3)
  • Ballymoney (2)
  • Clooney (2)
  • Waterside (2)
  • St Johnston (1)

In 1895, Ballymoney, Ardmore, Strabane and Strabane Rovers entered the competition, with Moyola Park and Donemana dropping out. A strong Ballymoney side won the league that year but had to give way to Sion Mills in the following season. That year saw for the first time a team from Derry compete for the league title, while Moyola Park re-entered at the expense of Limavady. This year, also, the two Strabane teams coalesced to play under the name of Strabane United.

The following season saw the lowest ever number of teams compete and Ballymoney regained the trophy from Sion Mills with Strabane, Dunboe and Ardmore following up, while Moyola Park dropped out once again along with Dungiven and Derry.

After the Boer War, Sion Mills regained the trophy against competition from Strabane and new clubs Buncrana, Clooney, Idlers, Donneybrewer and Waterside with Limavady reappearing. Limavady dropped out once again after only one season, while in 1905 and 1906, new club Waterside captured the league.

Clooney 1908In 1907 Waterside did not compete and Sion Mills once again lifted the title, with Clooney winning their first league championship in 1908 (their winning team is shown in the photograph to the right). The following season Sion Mills however regained the title with the composition of the league dropping down to five teams once again - Donneybrewer and Buncrana dropped out and the Hampshire Regiment gained entry. Also in 1909 Idlers changed their name to City of Derry and a new club, Church Lads Brigade, was elected to the Junior League.

The following season Strabane won their first league championship, with Waterside competing again and new club Carrigans appearing. In 1911 the Royal Scots Fusiliers replaced the Hampshire Regiment and Carrigans dropped out, while Sion Mills regained the trophy only to lose it again to Strabane in 1912. The following season Carrigans re-appeared with Buncrana and the Cheshire Regiment replaced The Royal Scots Fusiliers, while Sion Mills regained the league. In 1914, Clooney won their second and last championship. Dunboe re-appeared after 15 years, while the Cheshire Regiment dropped out to be replaced by Burndennett.

The first league championship after the Great War brought about the first league test match ever between Sion Mills and City of Derry with Sion Mills winning. This year Clooney did not re-appear and Dunboe and Burndennett also dropped out, while the Dorset Regiment competed and Dungiven re-appeared. In 1920 Sion Mills retained the league and Church Lads' Brigade gained senior status. The following season City of Derry won their f@rst championship and retained it in 1922. During this period two new clubs appeared on the scene - St Johnston and the Royal Sussex Regiment - while Waterside and Ardmore re-appeared.and the Dorset Regiment and Dungiven dropped out.

In 1923 Sion Mills regained the league, but the following season City of Derry won it back with a 100 per cent record, thus equalling Sion Mill's achievement of 1894. St Johnston dropped out in 1924 and Church Lads' Brigade became known as Brigade.

In 1925 Sion Mills regained the league and held on to the trophy for the next six seasons, although in 1930 they shared it with Brigade. During this period such teams as Eglinton (1925), Knockdara, Sherwood Foresters (1926), Fawney, Killaloo and Yorks and Lancasters (1929) competed while St Johnston reappeared together with Limavady. In 1929 a record number of 12 teams competed for the title, but this was reduced in 1930 when Knockdara, Fawney and Limavady dropped out.

Strabane dominated in the early thirties. After fourteen years they re-captured the trophy from joint holders Sion Mills and Brigade in 1931, retained it in 1932, lost it to Sion Mills in 1933 but won it again in 1934 and 1935. During this period Waterside dropped out (1932), Ardmore dropped out only for one season (1931) and the Second Leicestershires replaced the York and Lancasters.

In 1936 Brigade won their first league championship outright, while Killaloo dropped out and re-entered as Eglinton. Brigade retained the trophy in 1937 while the South Wales Borderers replaced the Second Leicestershires. In 1938 Brigade lost the trophy to Sion Mills by one point, while Waterside re-appeared and the South Wales Borderers dropped out.

Strabane once again dominated the league in 1939, while the following season Sion Mills regained it. This year Glendermott appeared in the league but remained for only one season. In 1941 Strabane proved too strong again and although there was no league cricket in 1942 (only friendly matches were played due to the Second World War) they maintained their dominance by winning the 1943 championship. In 1944 Brigade won their fourth championship, while Donemana, who had re-entered after an absence of 47 years, finished runners up.

Sion Mills 1947City of Derry regained the league in 1946 after 22 years, this being their only time to win the league while based at Lower Duncreggan Road, Londonderry. In 1947 Sion Mills, who had been having an unsuccessful period as far as the league was concerned, regained the trophy after a six year wait (their winning side is shown at right), while the following season Donemana won their first ever league championship and, unbelievably, retained it until the 1953 season. During this period Donemana became the third club to win the championship with a 100 per cent record (1951). However Sion Mills hit back after Donamana's great run to win the trophy in 1953 (100 per cent), 1954 and 1955.

In 1956, Eglinton won their first league championship while Sion Mills came back again in 1957 and 1958, although the 1958 league championship required a test match for the championship with Brigade. Limavady re-entered in 1959 and Donemana were just beaten to the title by Strabane but then regained it in 1960. In 1961, Limavady won their first league title, while Sion Mills completed the 1962 championship with a 100 per cent record.

In 1963, 1965, 1967 and 1969 Donemana added to their success while in 1966 and 1968 Strabane captured the title, and, in the 1964 championship, Sion Mills won the trophy for the 27th time. Eglinton won their second league championship in 1970, finishing ahead of a strong Donemana team, while in 1971, Brigade regained the league title, having last won it in 1945.

Strabane 1966Strabane: League champions 1966

In 1972, Eglinton again topped the league at the end of the season, while the 1973 championship went to Brigade, despite defeat in their first fixture of the season. Wet weather during the latter part of the 1974 season more or less settled the league championship in favour of Donemana while in the 1975 championship Sion Mills secured their 28th title after a close contest with Donemana.

Limavady only lost one league match during the 1976 season and as a result won their second league championship in their long history. St Johnston almost pipped Donemana in 1977 but had to be content with a runners up position while Sion Mills won their 29 and last championship to date in 1978.

During the next four seasons, 1979-1982, Donemana dominated the league championship and despite losing the title to Brigade in 1983 after a test match and finishing runners up to St Johnston in 1984 (this was St Johnston's first ever league championship title), the strong Donemana club went on to notch up a great run of 9 successive league titles between 1985 and 1993.

Limavady stopped Donemana's dominance of the league championship when they finished just ahead of the County Tyrone club in 1994 for their third championship. Since then Limavady have gone from strength to strength and, including the 1994 season, had a run of seven successive league titles from 1994 to 2000.