Stuart George Daultrey started umpiring in 1990 following a serious road accident which left permanent damage to his left arm.

An intelligent man, he applied his intellectual skills to the practice of umpiring and quickly moved upwards through the ranks.

Between 1995 and 2003 he umpired nine international games - his first was against Australia A at Rathmines on August 20th 1998, and his final one was almost five years later in 2003 when he stood with his good friend and colleague Ronnie O'Reilly in the Ireland v England ECB, also at Rathmines.

Stu Daultrey with Joe DohertyStu Daultrey with Joe Doherty

In addition, once Liam Keegan had agreed to split the role of Appointments Secretary away from that of Secretary, he quickly transformed the appointments process by moving it from a piece of carefully folded paper in Liam’s back pocket to an Excel spreadsheet.

Deteriorating health through the noughties brought an end to his umpiring, so he took to writing about the club game in his own inimitable style.

Railway Union quickly became Cold Blow Lane in deference to its micro-climate so different from Pembroke’s across the road.

Francis Carty, Ger Siggins, Brian Buttimer and Stu DaultreyFrancis Carty, Ger Siggins, Brian Buttimer and Stu Daultrey

He suffered kidney failure in 2013 which required that he have dialysis three times a week - he asked that the treatment times be changed so that the weekends were free for him to continue watching cricket.

Sadly he died in December 2015 at the age of 68.