George completes a very impressive trio of long serving and dedicated NIACUS officers. A 21 year stint as the Honorary Secretary must be an achievement that very few organisations can boast of.

His monthly meeting minutes were legendary. He never used one word when he could think of six or seven, and we believed that he always had the Oxford English dictionary open on his desk!

It is a matter of great regret to NIACUS that in the few years following his passing, and with several short-term people succeeding him, his minute books mysteriously disappeared and have never been traced.

George loved his cricket and his umpiring, nearly as much as his passion for Glentoran FC.

He also rose through the ranks and achieved International status. His career at the top level spanned the whole decade of the 1980's and he was a disappointed man when it all ended.

George had the perfect approach to the job of umpiring . His national status gave him great self confidence, but he had a great sense of humour and his pleasant and cheery on-field demeanour earned him many friends among the players.

I remember one lovely incident . I was paired with him at the very start of my career. We were at Collegians who had a notoriously grumpy opening bowler. I was quite happy to see him go to George's end for the first over. First ball of the match swings well down the leg side. George calls and signals "Wide".

Grumpy bowler scowls and kicks angrily at the front crease - as they do! - and chunters at George.

Second ball is fired down the leg side again and George calls and signals "WIDER". All the players laugh and the grumpy bowler tries his hardest to be enraged, but breaks into a big smile and pats George on the back.

The rest of the game was conducted in high good humour. That was George Archer at his typical best.

Oh yes - and his Frank Sinatra renditions at our umpires' dinners were always the highlight of the evenings.