Tony Webb, who died last month in England suffering from a degenerative neurological disease, made a contribution to Irish cricket  which is now largely forgotten. While an undergraduate at Trinity - with no previous knowledge of Irish cricket - he lamented the lack of an Irish Playfair Cricket Annual and set out, having discussed the matter with Derek Scott, to provide one and to unearth the birth and death details of all who had played first class cricket eland since 1902,  Derek having only some of this information.

His task was only half completed when he graduated and left Ireland. but it provided the groundwork for the Association of Cricket Statisticians booklet "Irish Cricketers 1855-1980" and the further researches of this writer and others. Tony was always ready to answer questions about his researches. but he then embarked on a major project of discovering all English Minor Counties match scores since their competition began in the late 19th Century.

He had made great progress with this when illness forced him to stop. Though it is for this last research that he will be mainly remembered, his contribution to the cricket history and records of Ireland should not be forgotten.

Further information on his cricket research can be found here: