The Eglinton ground staff and Simon Galloway of Sion Mills were the award recipients from the North West region at the Cricket Ireland awards.

Ken Craig and John Pierce were in Dublin to collect the award on behalf of the club.

"We are very honoured to have been nominated by our own union and delighted to have been chosen as winners," said Pierce.

"We feel it’s good for a union that really gets the worst of the weather from the Atlantic as opposed to the sheltered East coast .

"We just work round the conditions and are happy that largely all local players accept the conditions. It only becomes difficult when we are dealing with players with higher expectations and less sense of climate and geography.

"Thanks to Cricket Ireland for recognising our efforts."

Simon Galloway's contribution to reinvigorating the Sion Mills club was also recognised, as he received the Vounteer Award.

"I’m delighted and shocked to receive this award," said Galloway.

"I have to thank the North West for putting me forward in the category and it shows their commitment and support to our local clubs.

"Whilst this is an individual award which I’m really proud to receive, I have to mention a few others who are just as deserving of it.

"Without the work and commitment of people like Damian O’Neill, Glenn McCallan and the late Stephen Alexander, the club could not be in the position it is today; this is very much a team award in my eyes and my thanks goes to them.

"My thanks to Cricket Ireland for the recognition and also for work they are doing to promote the game across the Unions. Grassroots cricket is the foundation of success for our inter-provincial and national teams and I am very pleased to see the steps being taken to ensure it is supported appropriately. Thanks again!"

Andy McBrine and Graham Hume missed out on the interpro award, while Cork Harlequins pipped Fox Lodge to the Club of the Year prize.