Bonds Glen duly completed a superb comeback win as they bowled out Drummond for 76 runs in the second innings to lift the cup with a 92-run win.

Resuming on 13 for 2, the Limavady side never got going as the Bee Gees bowled well and held all the chances that came their way.

Richard Thompson's stunning grab at midwicket the highlight of the day.

There were three wickets for Sam Haslett, plus two apiece for Raymond Cleminson , skipper Ricky Barr David Robinson in a clinical win that showed the uniqueness, value and importance of two innings finals despite the challenges presented by the weather.

Drummond will reflect on the momentum shift at the end of their first innings when a late collapse restricted their lead to 37 instead of the 60-70 that seemed likely.

The consolation for them is a league title is very much within touching distance and almost certain to be gained in the coming weeks.