Sweden have retained the Women's Nordic Cup title after going unbeaten in a five team tournament in Finland this past week.

Sweden were one of three teams returning from last time, along with Denmark and Norway, whilst Finland and Estonia made their debuts. Finland's matches weren't official T20Is, whilst Estonia made their debut in the format.

The Swedes had the benefit of having no matches rained off but they were easily the best team, winning all five matches convincingly. The Finland XI were runners-up with two wins, whilst Denmark and Norway picked up a win each.

Estonia went without a win, though only two of their matches were completed. They deserve credit though as they fielded a team consisting almost entirely of native players with many of the squad having only been playing cricket for a couple of years.

Whilst none of the teams currently meet the requirements for taking part in ICC pathway events, the continued growth of women's cricket in Europe - and around the world - stands in stark contrast to the glacial expansion of the main global events, with the ICC only comitted to an expansion of the ODI World Cup to 10 teams and 12 teams for the T20 version, compared with 14 and 20 for the equivalent men's tournaments.