Hot on the heels of their Leinster Premiership success there could be more good news for YMCA ahead of the 2024 season.

It was thought that their 8th Premiership success could well be the last at Claremont Road, but there appears to be some genuine hope that an accommodation could now be reached for Graham Ford's side with new owners Landsdowne Rugby Club.

In a letter updating club members, President Paul McDonnell gave the following upbeat assessment.

"There are a couple of options which we are exploring for the Club moving forward and the positive news is we could be staying in Claremont Rd for next season. We have had several meetings with Lansdowne, and they have agreed in principle to offer us a new rental agreement for the 2024 season.

"They agreed to leave the Square in place and all our fixtures and fittings including the Nets and our equipment remain in Claremont Road.

"There are a couple of issues to work through including the condition of the square after a season of Rugby. We brought the leading Turf Company in the UK to visit and examine the square and they confirmed the Square should be fit for purpose and ready to play in late May but will require 5/6 weeks of remedial work. We should have access to the ground for training from April and hopefully, we can schedule our early games in May away from home.

"In conclusion, the Club had a great season on the field which we will continue to build on going forward. As we plan for next year, I would invite any Members who are willing to join the Executive or any of our other committees to please come forward and contact me directly.

"I'm confident our history will live on for the next 135 years and the numerous families who have played cricket and enjoyed the club will ensure that the Club will be here for future generations."

In further good news, he also informed the members that YM had managed to negotiate an exit fee that would go a long way to helping secure their future.

Great news for all!