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Ireland beat Uganda by 127 runs
ICC Trophy, Comber, 2 July 2005
Derek Scott

Eoin Morgan made 39
This was somewhat of a mismatch which might have been regarded as a "no contest" under the Marquis of Queensbury rules. However there were some good points on Uganda's side. By good bowling and fielding they restricted Ireland to 231 for eight - 84 less than Bermuda had achieved the previous day. When it came to batting it looked likely to be the lowest score ever against Ireland in a limited overs match when Uganda were 56 for 9, with 14 being the highest stand to that point. Then came a rousing last wicket stand of 48 and, with it, the only half century of the match by Nsubuga whose 50 included six massive sixes and three fours - 48 in boundaries.

The day was mostly overcast and breezy and rain was always a possibility which, thankfully, never materialised. The pitch was beige and had the appearance of some moisture. It mostly played slow with some balls "sticking" which accounted for some dismissals. A fair crowd attended. The umpires were AL Hill (from New Zealand) and B Pradhan (Nepal) and they did a good job. Ireland made one change - DI Joyce for PG Gillespie. The latter had a minor leg problem and was not risked ahead of the "big" matches on Monday and Tuesday. At the ICC Trophy in Toronto in 2001 the teams had played a practice match which Uganda won when Ireland failed to chase a fairly small target.

The Ugandan bowler gets off the ground
Ireland were put in and Molins and Bray began to two medium pacers Kamyuka and Waiswa (left arm) who were both inclined to bowl a little short of a length. Molins started with a boundary off Kamyuka's first over which brought him to 2,000 runs for Ireland in his 73rd innings. When the first wicket fell in the seventh over Molins had faced 26 balls to Bray's 12. Molins had hit three fours (one a snick) and was 19 while Bray had notched a single. The Molins played over a ball from Kamyuka, got an inside edge, and was bowled. 20-1-19. Botha came next but he is not currently in good form. He faced 31 balls for eight runs and was next to go. Meanwhile Bray had got going and hit three fours in four balls in Waiswa's fifth over, one to extra-cover, a pull and a drive past mid-off. Ochan and Kwebiha, both also medium pacers, came on for the 12th and 13th overs and 50 was up in over 14. In over 15 Botha was caught at wide mid-on off a misdrive with, perhaps, the ball "stopping". 53-2-8. Ed Joyce came in and the field spread out after over 15. Joyce started with a beautiful extra-cover drive but lost Bray two overs later. Again the ball did not come on and he looped a catch to mid-on. 60-3-45. Bray hit five fours in 41 balls. The new bowlers now had a wicket each.

With Morgan joining Joyce the score was very similar to that in the match against Bermuda and the innings needed consolidation. This pair, the heroes of yesterday, did what was necessary and, in 12 overs, 57 runs were added. Joyce struck two more fours, a straight drive and a pull and the 20 over score was 70. This rose to 89 at the 25 over half way mark. Olwenyi, the Ugandan captain, was on for over 24 (another medium pacer) and Nsubuga (off spin) for over 27 in which 100 was posted. In over 28 Joyce leg glanced a four and, next over, hit Nsubuga for a six over wide long on - the first six of the innings. It was Joyce's last scoring shot. In over 30 he played a rather wild pull at Olwenyi to a ball which kept a little low, missed, and was bowled. 117-4-40. Joyce faced only 44 balls with a six and six fours. This was a serious loss at this point considering the fourth wicket partnership of 170 between Joyce and Morgan against Bermuda.

With White in the 30 over score was 117 so a prediction of 230 to 240 was hopefully, possible. Morgan hit a four over the bowler's head in over 36 and played out a maiden in over 37. Waiswa came back for Olwenyi for over 38 and White hit his first boundary over mid-off but lost Morgan in over 40. He mistimed a pull at Waiswa and was caught at short mid-wicket. 151-5-39. Johnston was next. The 40 over score was 152 - a long way off the predicted/hoped for score of 230 to 240 at over 30 and only 35 runs had come in the last 10 overs. In over 42 White "took off" against Waiswa. He hooked a four and two balls later hit a six over mid-wicket. Johnston joined the attack in the next over from Nsubuga. He hit a six over long-off and two balls later swept a four to backward square-leg.

Legesi appeals for lbw
Olwenyi and Kamyuka returned. In over 45 (Kamyuka) Johnston was nearly caught from a full toss at extra cover. Then he hit a six over wide long-off. The 45 over score was 196 so 44 had come in five overs. White attacked the 46th over (Olwenyi). He scored 14 off an over that yielded 15. White hit the first two balls for six (over mid-wicket) and a leg glanced four. Next over (47th) from Kamyuka got White out. He skied the second ball and was caught by the bowler. Back on what was once his home ground White's 45 became Ireland's highest score. He faced only 47 balls with two sixes and four fours. 211-6-45. Dom Joyce, in this strong batting line up, found himself at number eight. He hit his first ball for four through mid-wicket and there were eight runs in this 47th over.

Kwebiha bowled the 48th over which, disappointingly, went for only four runs. The 49th over (Kamyuka) saw Joyce dropped by the long-on fielder running in. Then Johnston and Joyce got out to successive balls. Johnston was caught at extra cover, 31 in 27 balls. 225-7-31. The batsmen crossed on the catch and, next ball, Joyce was bowled playing a very rustic shot. 225-8-6. Mooney joined McCallan and hit a single but there were only four runs in this 49th over and only five in the last over. However in all 79 runs were hit in the last 10 overs.

Uganda bowled very accurately and their fielding was, generally speaking, excellent. Six bowlers were used. None bowled 10 overs and only Olwenyi did not take a wicket, and he was the most expensive (six runs per over). Most of the rest gave up only four per over with Kamyuka taking four for 42 in nine overs. There were six maidens.

Ed Joyce hits a six at Comber
At 3.00 Sematimba and Musoke began for Uganda. Mooney and Johnston were the bowlers. Until the enjoyable finish the innings was really a shambles. In the first eight partnerships only one, the eighth in fact, was in double figures - a stand of only 12. Mooney bowled the first over. Sematimba took a single off the third ball and Musoke was bowled by the fourth. He was pushing out at a ball which kept a little low. 1-1-0. Nehal came in. In the second over Johnston dismissed the other opener - also clean bowled. It swung a lot and hit the middle stump. 4-2-1. Nehal and Olwenyi survived 16 balls and added eight runs. Then Nehal played to square leg and there was confusion over a run which resulted in Nehal being run out while trying to regain his ground - Dom Joyce throwing to the wicket-keeper. 12-3-4. Kwebina joined his captain and hit a four to wide mid-on in Johnston's third over. This stand lasted 20 balls and added a further eight runs. The slip region was packed. Olwenyi played and missed a lot but was eventually caught at the wicket in Johnston's fourth over. 20-4-4. Patel came and went after facing 11 balls. Mooney, in his sixth over, squared Patel up and had him lbw. 26-5-1.

With Legesi in McCoubrey came on for Johnston (two for 18 in five overs). His fifth ball had Kwebina caught low by Bray to his right. Kwebina had at least got into double figures and hit the only two fours of the innings to date - both off Johnston. 28-6-11. Nsubuga arrived at number eight but lost Legesi in Mooney's next over (the 12th). Legesi only faced seven balls before scooping a ball up to Johnston at slip. 30-7-1. Kamyuka joined Nsubuga. This stand lasted 43 balls and was the first double figure stand, 12 being added including a four (snicked to third man) to Kamyuka. Mooney bowled his 10 overs on the trot and had the remarkable figures of 10-4-10-3. This had shades of Paul McCrum's two for 10 v Sussex at Hove in 1996 in a B & H match. McCoubrey took his second wicket in over 20. Kamyuka was out. He sliced to gully where Molins dived to his right and held a low two handed catch. 42-8-6. Ochan was number 10. Botha replaced Mooney for over 21 and Nsubuga hit two fours off him (one a snick) only the fourth and fifth fours of the innings. McCoubrey took his third wicket in his sixth over. Ochan ballooned a high catch to McCallan at third man. 56-9-4. Waiswa was the last batsman and he watched Nsubuga suddenly explode. In over 23 he hit Botha for six over wide long-on. For over 26 McCallan came on for McCoubrey (three for 19 in seven overs) for over 26. Nsubuga hit his second ball straight into the sightscreen for six followed by a four to wide fine leg. Two more sixes followed in McCallan's second over - one over long-on and three balls later over long-off.

In Botha's next over (29th) Waiswa, after facing 17 balls, scored his first run off the last ball of the over. It was the only run he was to score in a 48 run stand. McCallan's next over (30th) was a maiden bowled to Waiswa. Two runs, one a wide, came off Botha's over (31st). Now Nsubuga faced McCallan again. The second ball went for six over wide long-on to take Nsubuga from 47 to 53 in 54 balls. The next ball landed on top of the pavilion at long-off and raised 100. After two dot balls Nsubuga rushed down the wicket and was bowled for a vastly entertaining 59, the only half century of the match. He faced 58 balls with six sixes and three fours (out of only seven fours hit in the entire innings). The stand put on 48 for the last wicket from 61 balls, Nsubuga 46 of them and Waiswa one from 28 balls. This rousing stand, allied to a 127 run Irish victory, sent the crowd home happy.

All five Irish bowlers had fancy figures, other than McCallan. Mooney rightfully won the Man-of-the-Match award with his three for 10 in 10 overs. The 10 runs came from eight singles and two wides.

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