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Miscellaneous Articles on Irish Cricket
The Unwanted Record
The life and times of William Coape Oates and that match at The Curragh.
Leinster women's cricket: into the 1980s
Deryck Vincent continues his history of the revival of women's cricket in Leinster at the 1977 season with Clontarf the dominant force.
From Don Bradman to Matt Dwyer
Jim Bennett learned about the game by reading the wonderful literature and newspaper articles about the greats of cricket.
Ireland threatened to walk off against India
You have an hour to get us the money you owe, or I'm calling my team off.
Vincent Francis Savino
The extraordinary story of Vincent Francis Savino, for it is impossible to tell his cricket tale without the other aspects of his life impinging.
History of Cricket in Galway
A new book explores the dynamics and personalities behind the birth, growth and decline of the sport in the county.
The Aston Brothers
Herbert Reid Aston will always be remembered in Castle Avenue as the first batsman to make a league century for Clontarf.
WG Grace and Irish Cricket: Part 1
The first part of a review of the matches played by WG Grace in Ireland - north and south.
WG Grace and Irish Cricket: Part 2
More recollections of WG Grace and his connections with Irish cricket.
The first interprovincials
It's actually more than 125 years ago that the first Inter-Provincial Championship took place, a six-day festival held at Rathmines.
Those Munster Men in their Flying Machines
In 1948 it was decided to revive the Munster v Ulster fixture. It turned out to be quite an adventure.
2013 - a Perfect Ten in T20
2013 was a perfect year for Ireland in the wham, bam, thank-you mam, fast-food form of cricket, with 10 out of 10 on the field.
Irish Cricket's Soccer Stars
The select band of Irish cricketers who have also played international soccer for Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.
Malahide CC and the Oval Ball
Three rugby internationals, including one Lion, one European Rugby Player of the Year and two Barbarians, have played for Malahide CC.
TO Jameson: The Captain at Cappoquin
The accomplished Hampshire cricketer was one of the individuals behind the revival of cricket in Cappoquin after thirty years absence from the west Waterford town.
Mutiny on a Boundary: The Blyth Affair, Waterford 1954
The fall-out when the Duke of Edinburgh was invited to to become a patron of Waterford CC in 1954.
The first 25 years of the Ulster Grasshoppers: 1980-2005
Alan Waite describes the various overseas tours undertaken by Ulster's cricketing tourists during their first 25 years.
The Early Days of Leinster CC
Sean Pender on the famous Rathmines-based club which came into being on May 1st, 1852
Recollections of an Irish selector
Eoin McCann was an Irish selector from 1981 to 1988. He looks back at his fellow selectors and chooses the best team from his period on the selection panel.
Guinness Cup - chance to settle old scores
If there is one sport where for years the North West felt hard done by in terms of international recognition it was cricket.
Cricket and the oval ball (1)
In the the first of three articles Edward Liddle looks at the earliest of the 22 Ireland cricketers who also played international rugby.
Sir Stanley Cochrane and the Irish dream
The Irishman who bid to host an England v Australia test in his back garden in the north Wicklow town of Bray.
Farewell To Ormeau
The famous North of Ireland Cricket Ground at Ormeau, scene of many Ireland international matches, saw its last cricket match at the end of the 2001 season. Eric Twadell looked back on the ground's history.
The thrill of the grass
It is cold, properly cold, but the sun is shining and that is enough to make us think of cricket.
All Kinds of Everything
All Kinds of Everything does remind me of you, the you being cricket. It’s everywhere at this time of year.
Ireland's cricketers play US baseball stars
In 1874 an American team of star baseballers played seven cricket matches in England and Ireland during a 'World Tour'.
Ashbrook Union CC scorebook 1846-48
Pat Bracken on a remarkable piece of Irish cricket history, the Ashbrook Union CC scorebook from 1846 to 1848.
The History of Maryborough CC
Maryborough CC was in existence between 1927 and 1933.
Remembering Kenya 1994
In 1994 Paddy O'Hara umpired the final of the ICC Trophy in Nairobi.
Almost Famous
I decided after a match involving actor Gary Cooke, and a discussion over a few beers, that I must write down my (almost) famous XIs.
Us against You – Rivalries
These days I look forward to a trip to Claremont Road. It wasn’t always so …
Sportsman victim of Dublin's Bloody Sunday
It is one hundred years since the darkest day in Irish sport.
Ireland Under 17 v Scotland 2010 and The Coincidence
Due to a breakdown in communication, a Player of the Series trophy had not been sourced.
Alf Chapman and FLQ Handley
Chris Harte describes two of the cricketing heroes of his youth.
The girls are back in town
Deryck Vincent takes a look at how the women's game was revived in Leinster, with Clontarf leading the way.
A glimpse into the cricket of times past
There’s a couple of fantastic videos on YouTube which could well be the earliest films of cricket in Ireland.
Ireland's One Cap Wonder XI
What would be the best XI chosen from those who were picked only once to represent the national side?
The Irish Junior Cup – the forgotten competition
The Irish Junior Cup was the brainchild of KP Tanham and was competed for between 1950 and 1980.
Derek Underwood's Irish connection
Derek Underwood's relationship with Irish cricket began as a business proposition but developed into that of an enthusiastic supporter.
Watching Richards and Donaghey
Growing up in the 60's and 70's meant that Lawrence Moore's access to TV cricket was fairly minimal.
You can't have one without the other
So it is for me with the late Derek and Basil McNamee as I cast my mind back many years.
A glimpse of greatness
Hedley Verity and the Strabane CC connection.
Ireland's bowlout and its part in my downfall
The 1987 International Youth Tournament saw the first competitive bowl-out for an Irish representative side.
Growing up in cricket (and other sports)
Deryck Vincent's father loved sport and his elder brother was similarly obsessed.
Are you bringing Obama?
Asked James Carolan from County Clare during the 2011 World Cup in Bangladesh.
Hansie Cronje in Ireland
Back in 1997 South African captain Hansie Cronje came to Ireland to play and coach in an initiative of Ali Bacher .
Irish bowlers have disappeared
In 2015 Michael Halliday argued that the successful amateur bowlers of the 70s were better bowlers than the professionals of today.
Arthur E. Newton, Somerset CCC and Cahir CC
In the late summer of 1893, cricket in Tipperary got a shot in the arm with the appearance of Arthur Edward Newton on the Cahir CC selection.
Ireland's fastest century
At a windy Bangor in 2005, Peter Gillespie took the MCC attack apart.
Tom Guy dominates for Portadown
One of the most amazing innings ever played in Irish cricket.
Cricket and the Rising
Ger Siggins wrote this article to mark the centenary in 2016 of the Easter Rising.
1890 and all that!
1890 was a significant year for Irish Cricket with the first interprovincial matches taking place, followed by the formation of the Irish Cricket Union.
Michael Halliday - still our best off-spinner
Sean Pender's appreciation of Michael Halliday, undoubtedly Ireland's best off-spinner of the 1970s and 1980s.
A History of the Irish Universities XI
It was not until March 1974 that the Irish Universities Cricket Association was founded.
Cricket in Cork: a triple celebration season
1999 was a year of triple celebration for Cork County Cricket Club.
The Mardyke - a century ago
The first batsmen to take the field in an 'international' at the Mardyke in Cork were no less than WG Grace and WL Murdoch.
Twenty long hard summers
Michael Halliday looks back on his outstanding memories of people and events from his 20 years as Ireland's first-choice off-spinner.
Universities cricket in 1973
How Queen's and Waringstown did battle over five days in the NCU Senior Challenge Cup final, and Irish Universities dismissed a Leprechauns side containing nine Irish internationals for just 66.
Kevin O'Brien recalls that special day
In a 2013 interview, Kevin O'Brien recalled the special memory of 17 March 2007, the day that Irish Cricket made cricketing world headlines.
Cricket in Lansdowne Road
Ger Siggins collaborated with his Sunday Tribune colleague Malachy Clerkin on a book, published in 2010, on the history of Lansdowne Road.
On the Shoulders of Giants
Late in 2017 one of the 699 men who have played for Ireland lay on his death bed. 'We're all Test cricketers now,' he smiled, happy to be leaving this world with the greatest label the sport can bestow.
When the Third Reich took on Phoenix…and lost!
On a Saturday in May 1941 one of Ireland's leading clubs was inadvertently dragged into the deadliest war the world has ever seen.
Irishmen At Lord's
In 1958 EDR Shearer wrote of the honour that Irishmen felt of playing on the hallowed turf at Lord's.
CS Parnell and Wicklow Cricket
The famous Irish politician Charles Stewart Parnell's interest in cricket was inherited from his father, John Parnell, who had learned the game at Eton.
The demise of Queen's University CC
Clarence Hiles looks at the demise of the famous and successful university cricket club which withdrew from senior cricket in 1999.
When they were kings - West Indies 1984
A star studded West Indies side came to Dublin to play Ireland in a two-day game, taking a break from their all-conquering tour of England.
1979: Anderson delivers despite postal strike
A look back to July 1979 when Sri Lanka made their first visit to Ireland.
When Ireland nearly staged a Test
One of those small, but endlessly fascinating, byways of England-Australia history that never seems to have seen the light of day is the story of how Ireland nearly staged a Test match between the two countries.
The Grand Cricket Match 1792
This article reporting a match between All Ireland and the Dublin Garrison XI appeared in Freeman's Journal for 7th-9th August 1792.
The Father of Irish Cricket?
As well as the person most deserving of the title 'Father of Australian Cricket', Charles Lawrence can also lay claim to being 'Father of Irish Cricket'.
Some reminiscences of RIC cricket
Samuel Waters (1846-1936), Assistant Inspector General of The Royal Irish Constabulary, with his memories of playing cricket in the force.
No news is bad news
Robin Walsh is a former Controller of the BBC in Northern Ireland. But it was while at Ulster Television that he made the news judgement that he'll always rue.
The 300-year journey
It's just nine miles as the crow flies from the Phoenix Park to the seaside village of Malahide. But for Irish cricket that journey has taken almost 300 years.
Ireland's women played Test Cricket first!
While Ireland's men celebrated their long-awaited test debut in 2018, it was all old hat for Ireland's women cricketers. Eighteen years earlier Ireland beat Pakistan in a Test match by an innings and 54 runs.
County of Origin
As Ireland anticipated their inaugural Test match Odran Flynn analysed the origins of the 635 players who had obtained a total of 10,021 full international caps.
Cricket and the oval ball (2)
The Irish international cricketers who played rugby for Ireland in the first half of the 20th century.
Cricket and the oval ball (3)
Edward Liddle reviews the final group of players who have been double internationals for Ireland, the most recent of whom was Lion Raymond Hunter.
The first photo of an Ireland game?
Undertaking in archives can occasionally lead to exciting and interesting finds. One such was the finding of what is likely to be the earliest photograph involving an Irish team.
Irish cricket and the sequined star
Name the three men who played in both of Ireland's first two competitive wins over English counties.